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SUPAIR, ISTEN and ADRIPASS projects presented by Luka Koper

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SUPAIR, ISTEN and ADRIPASS projects presented by Luka Koper

December 19th, 2019|News|

The port of Koper has prepared the strategy for business development until 2025, which will be certified by the Group Monitoring Committee by December 2019. The details of the short-medium term development plans were presented on Wednesday the 11th of December 2019 in the conference hall of the Convent hotel in Ankaran (Slovenia). On that occasion, the president Dimitrij Zadel illustrated the sustainable development plans to the more than 120 hosted stakeholders, both in terms of infrastructure and organizational work. If on the one hand there is the need to build as soon as possible a second railway section that connects the hinterland with the port, on the other side there are certainly also sustainable measures that will go hand in hand with the increase in the volumes of goods transported through the port, especially on the routes that connect the upper Adriatic with the Far East. In addition to all the interventions planned for the enlargement of the capacities of the piers and of the warehouse structures, there were presented also the works carried out within the framework of the ADRION Interreg projects in which Luka Koper, d.d. actively participates namely the SUPAIR, ISTEN and ADRIPASS projects.

The SUPAIR project represents the kind of intervention that focuses exclusively on the sustainability of port development in the area immediately adjacent to the port. In this sense, the activities related to the installation, measurements and analysis of data relating to noise pollution as well as the flows of underwater currents and the quality of water in basin I – the one immediately next to the city center, were presented to the public. The SUPAIR project has also contributed to the introduction of a series of measures for the sustainable development of the port, in line with the new EU directives and the experiences shared with the major European ports. By 2020, the first measures taken by Luka Koper in agreement with the Municipality of Koper will be implemented, among which is highlighted the creation of a fund dedicated to residents living in the immediate vicinity of the port. In this fund there will be paid annually by Luka Koper, d.d. € 200,000 which will cover the investments that residents will make in their homes. The justified investments will be those that eliminate environmental impacts, protect health and cultural heritage, such as: improvement of sound insulation, use of new building materials, work outside the building, installation of ventilation systems and other measures that can reduce the impact of port activity. Budgets include construction work, crafts and installation, project documentation costs and any other costs related to such interventions. A detailed overview of the area concerned and the categorization of possible interventions is provided in the photo below.