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News from Koper – Slovenia

February 18th, 2019|News|

The Port of Koper is about to start its air, water and noise monitoring foreseen by their Action Plan for a sustainable port to be produced within the SUPAIR project.
In particular the following sensors are being installed within and around the port area:

  • Video and audio monitoring of underwater flows, ecosystem and noise
  • Sensors to measure the noise pollution produced by the port activities near the residential area
  • Study of underwater flows and dredging, for the monitoring of possible spills and pollution. Such study is carried out to get a clear idea of ​​the sea currents inside the port basins and in front of the port of Koper. The aim is to allow intervention teams to have a clear picture of which are the water flows that may affect the port, so that they can act promptly and as effectively as possible in case of spills of pollutants in port waters or in the area adjacent to the port.

Furthemore the Port is willing to adopt smart and sustainable solutions at passenger terminal which is developed close to the city centre.
Stay tuned to have more information about the solutions to be tested.