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The SUPAIR Mutual Learning Workshop

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The SUPAIR Mutual Learning Workshop

November 26th, 2019|Activities, Events|

Smart ideas for sustainable and low-carbon ports” is the title of the Workshop organized by Area Science Park as part of SUPAIR – SUstainable Ports in the Adriatic-Ionian Region project which was held at Trieste Maritime Station on November 13th, 2019 (Agenda).

The Workshop was the final and conclusive event of the SUPAIR project, an opportunity to present to the public and stakeholders the activities carried out and the results obtained and in particular to discover the performance of ports in the Adriatic-Ionian area in terms of environmental sustainability and strategies that they will adopt in the future to reduce their impact on the surrounding environment.

The event has been organized together with the XXIII edition of the ASITA Conference, a major GIS EXPO organized by the Italian Association of Science on Geographic and Environmental Information Systems. For further information, please visit

Moderated by Porf. Marco Mazzarino (IUAV), 7 port authorities presented their Action Plan for a Sustainable Low-Carbon Port developed in the framework of the SUPAIR project, describing the current state of art in terms of sustainability and the strategies that will be developed to implement more efficient and greener transport policies and reduce their impact on the environment. Here you can find the relevant available presentations:

At the end of the event the Transnational Cooperative Network of Adriatic-Ionian Sustainable and Low-Carbon Ports has been officially founded with the aim of promoting sustainable low carbon port practices among its members, strengthening the cooperation in the field of sustainable port development, environmental and energy management and low carbon solutions. Initially composed by the partners of the SUPAIR project, the Network is open to all those who are willing to embrace the SUPAIR methodology and improve transnational relationships in the port community of the Adriatic Ionian Region.

To this respect we are glad to welcome into the newborn Network the following new members: Port of Vlorë (Albania), Port of Corfu, Volos and Patras (Greece), Port of Rijeka and Zadar (Croatia).

Finally our partner CERTH presented the Transnational Strategy for low-carbon transport systems in the Adriatic-Ionian basin. It collects relevant European, national or regional policies and identifies the steps and actions need to be followed to shift from highly emitting transportation system related to port activities into a more sustainable one.

Here the final Report on the SUPAIR Mutual Learning Workshop.